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Asset Reconstruction

"Asset reconstruction means acquisition by any securitization company or reconstruction company of any right or interest of any bank or financial institution in any financial assistance for the purpose of realization of such financial aid."

In today's market scenario, committed focus on core business strengths is critical to the long term survival of a company. Banks and Financial Institutions would also like to release their valuable capital resources from non-performing assets (NPAs). Asset reconstruction services are helping clients at assisting in consolidating their focus and unlock the resources through acquisitions, takeovers, sell offs and joint ventures. The final goal is the maximization of economic returns from assets employed or likely to be employed for the business.

Our strength in asset reconstruction lies in the large clientele across various industries and know-how which we have gathered with years of experience. This allows us to bring the right buyer and seller together and formulate an appropriate resolution strategy after a detailed assessment of their individual requirements. We have also increased access to numerous opportunities available through our empanelment and dealings with several banks and asset reconstruction companies.

Our wide range of Asset Reconstruction Services consists of :

  • Identification of distress asset acquisition opportunities
  • Assessing synergies between the buyers and sellers
  • Asset valuation/ Business valuation
  • Due diligence & Resolution strategies
  • Fulfilling and assessing legalities
  • Interim Intellectual/ Business asset management
  • Arranging the lease/hire of business assets
  • Sourcing of surplus assets
  • Creation of an asset bank

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