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Corporate Finance

Debt Syndication

Debt is a major contributor to the wealth of an investor. The subsidies of debt help a business to survive and grow.Read More

Asset Reconstruction

Asset reconstruction means acquisition by any securitization company or reconstruction company of any left or interest of... Read More

Working Capital Finance

Working Capital or the measure of a company's ability to pay off its short term debt is the difference... Read More

Various Structured Financing

A service that generally involves highly complex financial transactions obtained from many large financial institutions... Read More

Distressed Asset Services

A distressed asset is an asset that is being sold because its owner is forced to sell it. Distressed assets usually... Read More

Financial Restructuring

Financial restructuring becomes necessary when the company is in financial distress and if it is not attend to the company may... Read More

Private Equity Services

Private Equity is an umbrella term for large amount of money raised directly from qualified individuals and institutions and pooled... Read More

Debt Restructuring / One Time Settlement with Banks            Institutions

         Debt restructuring is          the reallocation of          resources or
        change in terms of... Read More

Mergers & Acquisition Services

A merger is a combination of two companies to form a new company, while an acquisition is the purchase of one company by another in... Read More

Securitisation & Reconstruction
of Financial Assets of Banks
        & Financial Institutions

        We anticipates an
        opening for mutual
        growth in the field of NPA
        reduction through... Read More

India Entry Strategy

India is now firmly placed as leading destination for businesses considering both market destination as well as manufacturing or...
Read More