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Distressed Asset Services

"A distressed asset is an asset that is being sold because its owner is forced to sell it. Distressed assets usually sell for below their perceived value due to the fact that the owner is being forced to sell."

We integrated proficiency provides in-depth solutions to maximize asset recovery. We have a highly skilled team of professionals to provide Asset Management solutions to financial institutions, special servicers, government agencies, investors, developers and owners with stressed assets.

We assists our clients with workout, foreclosure, restructuring, asset management and disposition processes for clients from owners, banks, large institutions and servicers.

Our wide range of Distressed Asset Services consists of :

  • Opinion of Value
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Asset Disposition
  • Leasing
  • Project Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Workout/Loan Restructuring
  • Mortgage Loan Sales
  • Debt & Equity Placement
  • Receivership

Our professionals have wide experience in every major real estate product segment including land, multi-family, industrial, office, retail, hospitality and self-storage.

To provide a wide range of specialized services, we have partnered with asset management companies, law firms and other real estate service providers.

What We Provide


Non-Life Insurance ( General)
Personal Products, Industrial, Commercial, Liability, Group.


Life Insurance
Personal Products,Group Products


Financial Services
Mutual Funds,Home Finance,Tax Planning,Personal Finance


Logistic Solutions
Primary Transport,Secondary Transport,Warehousing