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Securitisation & Reconstruction of Financial Assets of Banks & Financial Institutions

"We anticipates an opening for mutual growth in the field of NPA reduction through Securitisation and Recovery & Reconstruction of Financial Assets of Banks / Financial Institution."

We have a separate division to assist the Banks/FIs in reduction of their NPAs. We offer tailor made services to meet the the needs of the Banks/FIs in a cost effective manner.

Our Securitisation Division through its cost effective operations and speedy decision making process, it will be to covert these assets into liquid form, economically. With diverse experience within the team in sanctions, disbursements and recovery of terms loans/working capital loans including takeover of assets, their marketing, final sale and legal aspects involved helps the Banks/FIs to carry out the process in a cost effective manner.

What We Provide


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Personal Products, Industrial, Commercial, Liability, Group.


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Mutual Funds,Home Finance,Tax Planning,Personal Finance


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