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Various Structured Financing

"A service that generally involves highly complex financial transactions obtained from many large financial institutions for companies with very unique financing needs."

- Corporate Term Loan
Companies can use corporate term loan in funding the purchase of real estate, expanding operations, purchasing equipments, purchasing inventory, know-how up gradation, R&D expenditure and increasing working capital.
We can arrange corporate term loans through a reputed bank or NBFC. The composition may vary based on the exact requirements of the client and the risk context.

- Dealer Financing
We arrange dealer financing through a reputed bank or NBFC by way of providing working capital finance and term loans to select dealers of identified companies. This helps dealers to strengthen the business relationships with the corporate to avail low cost credit. Dealer financing allows the corporate negotiate a better price with dealers. It may be extended in the bill discounting form or simply as cash credit.

- Channel Financing
Channel Financing is an innovative option for extending working capital finance to dealers who have business relationships with large corporate. Channel Financing is the mechanism through which a Bank / Financial Institution meets the various funds related requirements along the Supply Chain at the supplier's end which in turn helps the supplier in sustaining a seamless business flow and avoiding Working Capital related difficulties. Corporate can use Channel Finance to strengthen their relationship / reward loyalty of their Channel Partners.

- Asset Based Funding
Asset based financing is normally done by the large banks or financial institutions. Corporations offer asset based lending to meet short-term cash needs of companies.
Accounts receivable, inventory, machinery, equipment are common collateral but any asset might qualify. Asset based financing is also a specialized method of providing structured working capital, fixed term loans, factoring and leasing.
The benefit of asset based lending is that small companies can usually get more cash more quickly than they could from a traditional bank loan.

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